Logistics as an employer

We make job seeking easy for you. By filling out only one application, you open up a whole world of possibilities including all open positions around Finland.

What are we searching for?

We expect logistics employees to first and foremost have the right attitude and the strong desire and motivation to work. Integrity and reliability are basic virtues, and a positive attitude makes work pleasant. Professional personnel taking care of, for example, warehouse and terminal operations is a key success factor for our clients. Our objective is to find the right person for the right position every time.

What can we offer?

Having 10 years of experience with the industry, and being the market leader, we can offer a vast range of logistics work. Our clients include logistics companies of various sizes, significant companies from the commercial sector, and a high number of companies in the industrial sector.

Are you interested in warehouse, terminal, or transportation tasks? Each of these is equally important in logistics.

We genuinely care about the employee and his or her wishes. Not all vacancies are necessarily announced in public, but as a Barona job applicant, you are taken into consideration when these positions need to be filled. Tell us what type of work you are searching for!

From a temporary position to permanent member of staff

In fixed-term employment, you have better possibilities to have an influence over your work hours and workplace. You also have the possibility to familiarise yourself with different working environments. As a Barona employee, you also have the possibility of a permanent employment as well.

At Barona, you have the possibility to work in the following positions, among others:

  • packer, price marker, shelver, salesperson
  • forklift truck operator, warehouse worker, terminal worker, collector
  • driver, transport coordinator, courier, messenger, forwarder
  • supervisor, warehouse manager, and logistics manager.