Frequently asked questions

What kind of expertise are people looking for on the job market at the moment?

All kinds of expertise! We operate in a number of business areas and search for employees in various business areas (IT, logistics, construction, health and social care, industry, and office services). There is constant demand for competent professionals in each sector. To check our vacancies, click Open positions.

What expertise should I emphasise in my application?

You should emphasise the expertise you are willing to utilise in your work. Language and IT skills are definitely worth mentioning. If you have any permits or certificates for work (hot work card, roadwork safety card, food hygiene proficiency certificate, security officer certification, etc.), do mention those in the application. Also remember to indicate any skills that could help you stand out from other applicants and that you have mastered especially well.

Is it worth submitting a new application each time an interesting vacancy becomes available at Barona?

Barona has a number of recruitment consultants in different business areas. By submitting a new application for each position, you can ensure that the consultant processing the case is aware that you are interested in the position available. Once you have filled Barona's My profile form, applying is quick and easy. To apply for a new position, you just need to select 'Apply for position' and sign in to our system, and your profile is ready and waiting for you.

Once you have submitted an application to our database, our consultants can also contact you directly if a suitable vacancy becomes available.

If I have submitted an application once, will you offer me other available positions automatically later on?

When a new vacancy becomes available, we will always go through applications we already have and try to find suitable candidates among these applicants. However, the number of applications we receive is high, and this is why we recommend that you submit a new application for each new open position. This way you indicate your interest for the specific position in question. It is also a good idea to update your profile regularly so that we know that you still are an active job seeker.

Can I apply for more than one position at the same time?

Yes you can and it would be worthwhile to do so! This way you ensure that you get work as quickly as possible. That being said, we recommend that you only apply to the positions you are genuinely interested in.

Will I be more likely to get work if I fill in information on My profile ( and also use BaronaCV?

Since and utilise the same text profile, you do not need to enter the data twice. However, videos are a good addition to your profile, and we recommend that you record the videos to your profile if possible. This way our recruitment consultants can catch a little glimpse of your persona in addition to the CV. If you do not have a webcam, you can have one by calling Barona, +358 20 198 3460, or by emailing

Is it worth submitting an open application?

Submitting an open application is definitely useful. Not all vacancies are necessarily announced in public, and in these cases we look for the right expertise via our own systems.

How does the recruitment process proceed after the interview?

We prepare a presentation on the best candidates for the client. Then the second interview round is carried out either by us and/or the client.

What does Barona have to offer that other companies in the industry don’t?

Barona is among the 50 largest employers in Finland. The biggest companies in Finland trust our service, and we can offer job seekers a large number of interesting vacancies in different business areas. Both permanent and temporary positions are available. Since our consultants are highly experienced in their specialist fields, we can offer our job seekers comprehensive and reliable support for seeking a job.