Barona - work, employees and solutions

Barona's business portfolio includes

  • Barona Henkilöstöpalvelut – HR services
  • Barona Solutions – outsourcing services
  • Forenom – accommodation services
  • Momentous – executive search service

Regarding employment and outsourcing services, Barona can offer the most comprehensive expertise in the industry and serve its clients from a simple need for a single employee to enormous service production projects. Between these two extremes, there is a vast range of different employment and service models, all produced in a client-oriented way.

Annually we recruit about 12,500 professionals in Finland in the fields of office, IT, logistics, industry, construction, and health and social care services on both permanent and temporary bases. In addition, we accommodate over 50,000 people every year. We have also implemented the largest outsourcing initiatives in the industry and generated significant cost benefits for our clients by streamlining their service production and producing some of the services as outsourced services. To read more about our insight into outsourcing and service production, click here.

Barona was founded in 1999, and we are the largest company in the HR services industry in Finland. In addition to Finland, we also operate in Sweden, Russia, Estonia, and Poland.